IONICKISS brand story

The Japanese company Ionic Corporation is a company with a family tradition that builds its success on a unique patented technology of ionic teeth cleaning.


The history of the ionic toothbrush dates back to 1889, when this technology was first patented in the USA.

By 1970, several American companies had tried to bring technology to the American market, but without success., the Japanese managed to commercialize. Hiroshi Hukuba, founder of Hukuba Dental Corporation.

In 1995, the company launched its flagship, the IONICKISS manual ionic toothbrush (KISS YOU) in Japan, and in the same year, the trademark was registered and the product was approved for the US market by the FDA.

The Japanese company has thus started a real revolution in tooth cleaning and has become a global leader in the production and development of ionic technology, and continues to set the trend in this industry.

Between 1995 and 2017, the company of the founder Mr. Hiroshi Hukuby has developed significantly and has established several strategic partnerships. However, he still builds on family values.

Martin and Marie Navrátil, who brought Japanese ionic brushes to the Czech market and are building their company as a family business, also continue this tradition. They fully identify with the mission of the original founder that: "Health begins in our mouths."

You can read more about their story HERE.

"Before we decided to distribute ionic brushes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we studied how the health of our mouths affects the overall health of our body. We contacted our friends and showed them samples, explained the unique technology and its effectiveness. Once they had a toothbrush in their hand and understood the principle of ionisation, the whole concept came to them meaningful and they liked the toothbrush, "Martin Navrátil explains the background of the decision-making process.

With the ionic toothbrush, your teeth will be 48% cleaner *, even in hard-to-reach places. Plus, no need to use a paste.

It is clinically proven * that the IONICKISS toothbrush is much more effective than a regular manual toothbrush, and users report cleaner and smoother teeth without plaque when visiting their dentist.

The IONICKISS toothbrush is an unrivaled helper in the fight against dental plaque. Patented Japanese technology causes plaque to be repelled from the surface of your teeth, much like using a magnet.

Ionic Corporation Japan has sold millions of ionizing toothbrushes around the world over 40 years, and the IONICKISS ionic toothbrush is currently being developed with the support of leading Japanese experts.

The first ionic brush IONICKISS - a real Japanese samurai in the fight against dental plaque.


*) Clinical Evaluation of the Ionic Toothbrush in Removing Plaque and Reducing Gingivitis (November 1996), Marquette University, School of Dentistry: Ronald L. Van Swol, Donald E. Van Scotter, Jeffrey J. Pucher, Andrew R. Dentino