Japanese ionic toothbrushes IONICKISS


Healthier and cleaner teeth thans to ionisation.
Toothpaste is not necessary.
You will feel the difference after the first use.



How does ionic toothbrush from IONICKISS work?

Everything in nature has ion-based polarity. For example the coating of a tooth has a positive charge (+) where as the tooth surface has a negative charge (-). The opposite polarities are the reason why the surface of the teeth attracts the tooth coating and is thus held on the teeth by the means of an ionic bond.

The IONICKISS ionising toothbrush generates negative ions and directs their flow between the brush and the tooth. Ionisation thus disrupts the ionic bond between the coating and the tooth, thereby repelling the coating from the tooth surface toward the brush head. This will make your teeth lighter and stronger. It is clinically proven that the IONICKISS brush is much more effective than a conventional manual toothbrush.