How does IONICKISS toothbrush work

We present you the revolutionary IONICKISS toothbrush, which will become your tireless helper in the fight against dental plaque. Thanks to the unique Japanese technology, you will have cleaner and also healthier teeth and gums.


Plaque and then tartar are the two most common problems in oral hygiene.

Bacteria, which contain dental plaque, produce acids that slowly etch the tooth enamel and, when exposed to them for a longer period of time, cause tooth decay.

Plaque also damages the attachment of the tooth in the bone - it attacks the periodontium. Periodontiums are fibrous fibers that connect the tooth root to the bone bed and further connect the tooth's neck to the gums.

Accumulated plaque that you do not remove can mineralize, stain and turn to tartar. The most effective way to remove dental plaque is to use an IONICKISS ionic toothbrush.

Ionic toothbrush IONICKISS.


With the ionic toothbrush, your teeth will be 48% cleaner, even in hard-to-reach places. Plus, there is no need to use toothpaste.

It is clinically proven that the IONICKISS toothbrush is much more effective than a regular manual toothbrush, and users report cleaner and smoother teeth without plaque when visiting their dentist.

The IONICKISS manual toothbrush is an unrivaled helper in the fight against dental plaque. The patented Japanese technology causes the plaque to be repelled from the surface of your teeth, similar to using a magnet.

If you combine a manual ionic toothbrush with the right tooth cleaning technique, you will ensure not only a healthy and fresh mouth, but also the brightest smile. :)

Recent scientific studies point to the fact that the health and cleanliness of our mouths affects our overall health more than we previously thought. Invest in your health and get the most effective toothbrush on the market. Stop being stressed by visiting the dentist and enjoy healthy teeth without plaque.




Everything in nature has ion-based polarity.

Plaque has a positive charge (+) and the tooth surface has a negative charge (-).

Opposite polarities are the reason why the surface of the teeth attracts dental plaque and it therefore adheres to the teeth by means of an ionic bond.




The IONICKISS ionic toothbrush has a small lithium battery built into the toothbrush handle. The battery is connected to a titanium rod that passes through a toothbrush. There is a thin metal Ionipad strap on the toothbrush handle.

Before cleaning the teeth, it is necessary to moisten the fingers with water, which will come into contact with the metal strip and the moisture will create a closed circuit where negative ions are generated.

The ionisation then disrupts the ionic bond between the plaque and the tooth, thereby repelling the plaque from the tooth surface toward the brush head.

When brushing a small child's teeth as a parent, it is necessary to ensure contact between the child and the parent by touching each other (eg by holding the hand or holding the jaw) so that the electrical circuit closes and the ionisation works properly.

EFFICIENT exchangeable  HEADS

IONICKISS toothbrushes have interchangeable heads of different types and hardnesses, so you can choose according to your preferences. IONICKISS toothbrushes save not only your teeth but also your bank account, because you do not have to change the entire manual brush, but only its head (Note: Dentists recommend changing the head every 2-3 months or always after illness).

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