How to use manual toothbrush IONICKISS ORIGINAL and KIDS



  1. THE BRISTLES - IONICKISS toothbrushes are made of the highest quality materials. Quality bristles remove all bacteria.

  2. IONICKISS interchangeable toothbrush heads - Interchangeable heads ensure the long life of your toothbrush. When they are worn, simply replace them with new ones and your toothbrush is ready to use as on the day you purchased it.

  3. IONIPAD (metal tape) - is a place that one must touch when brushing teeth with a moist hand / finger to generate ions. The flow of ions is disrupted by the ionic bond between the tooth surface and the plaque. In the children's brush, the IONIPAD metal tape is replaced by a conductive material - a thermoplastic composite, which is located on the back of the brush handle. Ionisation works the same way.

  4. BATTERY TEST BUTTON - Press the battery test button, usually once or twice a week, to verify that the battery is working. The battery lasts at least 1 year under normal use. If the LED light / LED is lit (red for the ORIGINAL type and green for the KIDS type), the battery is working and ionisation is in progress. If not lit, replace the brush.









Touch the IONIPAD metal tape with a moist finger to increase the ion generation flow. Always touch IONIPAD metal tape when brushing your teeth. In the children's brush, the metal tape is replaced on the back by a conductive material - a thermoplastic composite. The child grasps the handle of the brush and if it touches the back with a wet hand, the ionisation works in the same way as with the ORIGINAL brush.

Step 2:


To remove the interchangeable brush head, hold the brush with one hand and gently rotate the head with the other hand. When the head releases, remove it upwards.

Place the new brush head on the metal bar and snap it to the toothbrush.



When using toothpaste, the paste may settle in the gaps between the brush and the dental head.

Whenever possible, clean the brush head and metal rod.



Press the IONITEST button to check the battery status. You only need to check 1-2 times a week. Do not press the button when brushing your teeth.

If the LED light comes on (red for the ORIGINAL type and green for the KIDS type), the brush has enough energy for the ionisation process and is therefore fully functional. If the light stops shining, it is necessary to replace the brush with a new one.

The battery lasts at least 1 year under normal use.

When brushing a small child's teeth as parent, it is necessary to ensure contact between the child and the parent by touching each other (eg by holding the hand or holding the jaw) so that the electrical circuit closes and the ionisation works properly.